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Greenville wedding video


    Is every wedding video just a wedding video?. Simply put the answer is NO. Wedding videos vary greatly from company to company and just like wedding photography there are a vast number of different styles for you to choose from.
    Marianna and I take extreme satisfaction in filming and producing the absolute best Greenville wedding videos available.
    As we capture footage of your special day it is done with an extreme artistic and emotional emphasis. Unlike traditional staticly framed, boring, shaky footage that is typically seen in other videos, we do the exact opposite.
    After filming and we start on the edit our work has just begun. Each Greenville wedding video we created by us is extremely personalized and emotional. We take into consideration many personal preferences that each individual Bride and Groom has and custom tailor their movie to those preferences.
    As you look at our we feel confident that you see that the everything we produce is of the highest quality and instead of looking like a video it has the feel of a hollywood hit.
    Although excelling with our Greenville wedding movies, we also offer many other video related services. Commercials, Product spots, Inteviews, Conference coverage, or birthday parties we can handle your video needs in a professional way.

Many time we hear comments about how floored our customers are with their video and we would be honored to create a truly individual video for you and your family of your Greenville Wedding or event.
Please today to check availability and receive more information.
James < Marianna Player