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    Our Columbia Wedding Videography is unique. Many people are surprised to find a company with our expertise in such a relatively small town. We however have a driving passion that has pushed us to propel ourselves to be ranked with some of the best national level videographers. We have even been recognized by countless international level videographers for our level of productions.


As you look around our site and view some of our samples you will see that our work is different and if I had to specify what makes it so different it would be three primary aspects. Filming, Audio Capture, and Editing.

    Our filming is second to none. When we capture footage we dont look for those boring and static angles like typically seen in wedding videos. Instead we look for those artistic shots more comparable to what a still photographer would look for.
Our audio capture is also second to none. Sound is an oftern overlooked topic when talking about video production. However, sound is one of the most important things. Without it there is no personalized story to be told. Not only to we have countless number of high qualiyt audio capture devices to ensure the best sound possible but we seek out additional audio from willing friends and family memeber during the event to ensure we are able to tell the most complete story possible through your video.
Last but certainly not least is editing. Our style is not to use special effects but rather let the footage and audio we have captured HAVE AN EFFECT ON THE VIEWER. Cleanliness and Timlessness would be great adjectives to describe our style. We dont want you to look at your video 4 years from now and so.. OH GOODNESS THAT IS SO 4 YEARS AGO!! Instead we would rather you feel like you relived the day over again each time you watch your wedding video.

    Make sure to see our Columbia wedding video samples. We feel confident that once you have seen our work that nothing else you will watch will come close to comparing.

    This website is dedicated to showcasing the best Columbia wedding videos so you can see exactly what we can offer you. If you are not looking for a wedding videographer but need some other video services please let us know as we offer many other videography services in to Columbia.


Comments like this are frequently listed on our blog and sent to us via email. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you also. If you would like for us to produce a one of a kind video for your wedding please email us to check availability and pricing.

We look forward to hearing from you,
James & Marianna Player