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Clemson Videographers
James Player and Marianna Player

South Carolina Wedding Photography

    Clemson is a wonderful area and we enjoy the opportunity to create professional wedding films anytmime we work in that area. Our style of videography is extremely different from anything offered by other videographers in the Clemson Area but even though we are drastically different we also continuously pursue new techniques to make our work even better.


    We hired a great photographers out of Greenville, SC when we were married, but like many others decided to skimp on our wedding video and hired a family friend who was a part time videographer.

"BAD MISTAKE..."     

   I cant even begin to describe how dissapointed we were in the video. In fact, it was so bad that we have only watched it once and it now is up in our attic in some storage box that I couldn't even tell you where it is exactly.

    Each time we create a wedding movie now we think back to our video and wish we had done things different. Unfortulately our time has passed and since we can't recreate our moment again we push ourselves to do the absolute best for each bride and groom we work with so that the experince with thier wedding is exactly opposite of what ours was.

Our Family

Marianna & Jamie

    The production process of our high quality wedding videos takes a good deal of time but the biggest and most important thing in our lives is our family.

    We have two children. They are both boys and there names are Matthew and Daniel. They are really cool and fun to be around.
Matthew & Daniel
Its funny to see them be so different from each other. You think that if you grew up under the same roof you would at least have some similarites but that is not the case with our boys. They both have completely different personalities. Matthew loves video games, playing outside, reading, and interacting with his friends. Daniel on the other hand loves to color and plays with legos by himself and could care less about going outside. They do love each other but they also get on each others nerves quite frequently. :-)

    We love spending time with them and make sure that they always know we are here for them even though we constantly busy. I like talking with them about when they are going to start helping with editing and filming weddings.

    Thanks reading about us. We hope to get to know you more as we work with you and your family for whatever video related needs you may have.

James & Marianna