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South Carolina Wedding Videographer

Marianna and James Player own and operate Absolute Productions and Media (a wedding videography company in South Carolina).

Our goal is to be the best South Carolina Wedding Videographers and this has pushed us to accomplish feats that many other videography companies in SC had never even thought of doing.

If you are looking for a South Carolina Wedding Videographer we hope that you will take the time to see many of our most recent .

South Carolina wedding videographer travel fees

We desire that all South Carolina couples have the option of a great wedding video so we also have a very lenient travel policy. Any area that is located within 60 miles of Columbia, SC we travel to for free. If your wedding location is beyond 60 miles of Columbia, SC but still within South Carolina we charge a very lenient travel fee of $130 per required overnight stay which generally covers our hotel room.

South Carolina Wedding Videographer Booking Policy

We aim for the best quality with all of the wedding videos that we produce. Because of this we aim to not overbook ourselves which could ultimately cut down on quality. We generally take 20 or less weddings per year. Please as soon as possible to check our availability. Once you have verified that we are available for your wedding date all you need to do is pay our retainer fee and at that point in time we lock down the entire weekend to devote to your special event.