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Client Testimonials

James and Marianna,
     It has taken me way too long to write this e-mail, but I can not begin to tell you how impressed Todd, my family and myself are with the wedding videos. Everyting is outstanding. As we began planning for the wedding, I honestly could not decide if I wanted a videographer and Now I can't imagine not having our video.
      Please feel free to use me as a reference whenever you may need one. And I will certainly be sharing your name with anyone I know who may be looking for a videographer.
Thank you so much again,
Lisa ---(Bride)

     WOW ... The video is AWESOME ...absolutely amazing! Even watching you as you were shooting some of the footage, I was blown away watching the finished product.
      You are a very gifted and talented videographer and were so fortunate to have you and Marianna filming the wedding.
Thanks for all you have done for us!!!
Melany ---(Mother of the Bride)

Hey guys,
     I must admit that when my mother told us she had booked a videographer with the wedding only a couple of weeks away, we were definitely skeptical! We thought the money could be better spent elsewhere but the work you guys did proved us completely wrong! I wouldn't change anything about it! You guys blew away all expectations we had!
      The dedication of your knowledge and also the heart you put into making our day even more memorable is unreal! It is so easy to see that this is not only work for you guys but a passion! I will be recommending you guys to everyone.
Thank you both, so much.
Heidi ---(Bride)

     I hope you and your family are doing well.
      Kay and I just wanted to drop you a line and extend our appreciation for the excellent wedding video you and your wife did for our son Jeff and daughter-in-law Casey.
     It was definitely a 3 kleenex rated video ;>)
     You captured the essence and wove a beautiful story from all moments during that weekend and it will be life time keep sake for us all.
Jim ---(Groom's Father)

     I just want to let you know what a fantastic job you did with the video of Reid and Todd's wedding.
      With your artful combination of your video and audio editing you truly captured the spirit of that special day. Much prayer, planning and effort had been invested in that day and as Reid's mother it is especially meaningful to me to be able to enjoy the ceremony again (and again) without all of the stress.
     I must admit, though, I still can't watch it without a few tears.
     Also, thanks for compiling the CD of the wedding music. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the sound. The music was very important to me, so I am thrilled to be able to enjoy it also.
     I apologize for not expressing my gratitude sooner, but I have been groping for the right words to let you know how much we appreciate your talent and hard work.
I wish you much success with your business.
Elizabeth ---(Mother of Bride)

     That is the sweetest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen except for my own daughter's wedding video...and of course, as her mother, I have to say that hers is the sweetest..but yours is different from hers, and yours is exquisite. It's totally compelling and soooo lovely and I can't help but cry as I watch it...just makes me so happy to see it and remember that wedding and how extra special it was and how extra special the two of you are.
Thank you for sharing!! I can't wait to see the rest!!
Friend of Groom -- Groom emailed these comments to us after he had shared their highlight video with friends online.

James and Marianna,
     The video is awesome, thank you so much.
     If it were not for you we would only have memories of all the craziness and rain that happen that day.
     Bret was so happy we did the video and you were the perfect ones to do it. You work is incredible.!!!! You made our day magical......we cried and cried....!
     Leon wanted to know if you do music video work? I told him I was not sure.....
God Bless,
Wendy ---(Bride)

Hey James,
     You would not believe how many times I have watched the Video. My boys will walk in the house and say, "she watching the video again". I tear up with every viewing and wanted to let you know how much I cherish it.
Pam ---(Mother of the Bride)

     Wow.... What can I even say... IT IS great..!! PERFECT!!! James and Marianna.. Thank ya'll for all your hard work... it is so great....
     It was so awesome during our planning to know that the videography was one less thing to worry about because ya'll take care of everything and it turns out perfect.. Thank ya'll so much!!! Thanks a lot... Ya'll it is WONDERFUL!!!!
Thank you again!! :-)
Sarah ---(Bride)