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Show Another Wedding Video
The video playing above is one that we created from many Love Story / Engagement sessions that we attended with Clark Berry Photography.
If you are interested in a cool pre-wedding video of you and your fiance please click here to find out more information about our .

Clark Berry Photography (Videography)

a unique relationship that can have a huge impact on your wedding day memories(photo/video).
  • Quality
    Typically, when you have photo and video being offered by the same company, one or even both of the products suffer greatly because of the demand it places on the company offering the services. Since Clark specializes in wedding day photography and we do the video neither service has a drop in quality. In fact since we work so well together if anything different happens its an increase in quality.

  • Wedding photographer and videographer relationships
    Not only are Clark and Becki our friends but their style blends well with ours and our creativity feeds off of each other when working together. This ensures your photographs and video end up being better than they would without the other.

  • Bundled Benefits
    Please check with us as there may be other additional benefits besides the ones listed here.

  • Shared Preview Website
    As a combined effort Clark Berry Photography and Absolute Productions and Media has launched a . All wedding day trailers and photographs would viewable from this single location, providing an easy way for you, your family and friends to see the photos and videos that you will be so proud of. The preview website is .

Important Note:
Absolute Productions and Media and Clark Berry Photography book events individually and both companies only take one wedding per weekend. Having us both available on the same date can sometimes be a rare opportunity.
If you are interested in both of us covering your wedding for a unique experience please to check availability immediately!!