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When Marianna and I got married, we opted to have some amateur videographers produce our wedding and it is horrible. We have only watched it once and we were fast-forwarding most of the time!

We've heard the exact same thing from others that had their wedding videotaped.

When we started into video we knew that things could be better than what we had seen so we aimed high and achieved some unbelievable things with our videos rather quickly. Our intent to make the best SC Wedding Movies has not changed since we began. We continue to look for new techniques that make our movies the best they can possibly be.

We don't specialize in videos.... We specialize in movies....

We look forward to each film we produce and would love the chance to film your wedding.

Since we are so dedicated to quality, and we do not farm out any of our work, dates fill up quickly. Please as soon as possible to check availability.

All our best,
James & Marianna Player