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Questions to ask a wedding vidographer

Get these questions answered and know that your videographer will do a good job.

Not all SC videographers are the same.  Similar to photographers, videographers have various levels of talent, skill, experience and know-how that separates them from the "Hey, let's go to Best Buy and start a video business!" camp.

So, what do you look for to make sure you find the right SC videographer to film your important ONE-TIME event?

Some great questions are listed below. As you read these questions you will find them to be helpful for searching for a videographer anywhere and not only in South Carolina.

Top items to find out or make sure you understand from a potential videographer:

  1. Do you have a demo?  Better yet, do you have 5 demos?
    If the videography firm/team you are dealing with cannot produce at least 5 demos (actual client content) of their work, the you probably don't want them to video your wedding.  Experience in the business and skill with the camera and sound equipment ensure that your wedding video is worth the amount you are paying.

  2. Five minute clips ARE NOT enough.
    While a five minute demo clip can give you a small sense of what the videographers shooting and editing style is, it does not even begin to show the complete picture. SEE IT ALL BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION.

  3. Specifically what cameras will you use to film our wedding?
    This question is really kind of silly but is often asked. A better question would be: "Can we see some various footage including some from a dimly lit reception hall?" Professional grade cameras have the ability to "see" better in darker areas along with having more professional features. If the quality of the video is acceptable in all lighting conditions then it really doesn't matter about all the techno-babble many other sites recommend you asking about.

  4. How do you capture the audio from the wedding day?  The vows?  The ambient sounds?
    ; Skilled videographers capture audio just as well, if not better, than the video!!. They have to have the right equipment and microphones capturing your voices, the officiant's voice, any readers' voices, and the ambient sounds.  It takes a lot of know-how and practice to capture the sounds of the day and you want to make sure that your SC videographer can do it. As you watch the demos that you've already asked for, ;-) also make sure to listen just as closely.

  5. When can I expect the delivery of the finished videos?
    This is an excellent question. With different skills comes different delivery times. More complex wedding movies may take longer than a typical documentary video. Make sure that you ask for and know what the anticipated delivery time is. It should also be specified in the contract.

  6. In what style will you film and edit my video?
    The videographer's style can make a huge difference in the final product.  Some film in a strict documentary style which is similar to a well-made home movie.  These document the day in chronological order and include lots of moments that you may feel the need to fast forward through.  The videographer may also take several hours of footage and put lots of time into editing it.  You will end up with a video that is more movie-like. The interesting points of the day are kept to accurately retell the story.

  7. Do you have a contract?
    Videographers without a professional contract should be avoided at all cost.  This holds true for all of your dealings with wedding professionals.  A contract says that they will do what they promise and should outline the specifics of the service to expect.

  8. Who will be filming and who will be editing? 
    This is an important question because there are many entertainment companies out there who will get a contract with couples only to send a freelance videographer to shoot the wedding and then use a freelance editor to create the final version.  Freelance videographers will never give you the care and skill as an owner/operator.  Freelance people are just getting paid by the hour, and not really being judged by the quality (or lack thereof) of the video.