South Carolina Wedding Photography

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website.

    As you may have already read on the site, Marianna and I take great pride in creating the absolute best SC wedding videos. We continuously pursue finding new techniques so we can make our work as movie-like as possible.

Where does your passion come from?

    When Marianna and I got married we hired one of the best photographers in the upstate. We were extremely glad that we did because like many others do we opted to skimp on our video and hired a less experienced videographer to produce our wedding video.

"What a horrible mistake..."     

    Once we received the video we were extremely disappointed. I almost hate to admit it, but our video has only been watched once and now resides in the attic.

    Each time we create a wedding film now we wish that we had done ours differently. We have even contemplated doing a "renewal of vows" just so we could get a good video.. LOL

Our Family

Marianna & Jamie

    Even though our wedding movies are a big part of our life the biggest and most important part is our family.

Marianna and I have two boys, Matthew and Daniel, and they are an absolute blast.

Matthew & Daniel
Even though growing up under the same roof they both have very different personalities. Matthew loves video games, playing outside, reading, and interacting with his friends. Daniel on the other hand loves to color, plays fine by himself and couldn't care less about going outside. They both love each other but just like all brothers they can get on each others nerves some.

    We love spending time with them and always make sure that they know we are here for them even though we do work a lot. I like picking at them about when they are going to start helping us with weddings.

    Thanks for reading about us and we hope to get to know you more as we work with you and your family for whatever video related needs you may have.

James & Marianna